Recent Hits and "Mrs"

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a play on words because I’ve been testing different products to see what I do and do not want to use on my wedding day! 

In recent months I’ve been on a bit of a rampage as far as makeup shopping goes. Holiday sales + trying to figure out what look I want for my wedding in the spring = one overused credit card. In our house we like to say “the bank has spent a loooot of money on us lately”. 

I’m usually not one to return products, but being that I’ve been WAY over spending, I have a pile of products sitting out just waiting to go back to Sephora. With that said, I will jump into a few purchases that I absolutely love, and some where I was shocked at how much I hate them. HEADS UP: some of the no-no’s include products that you’ve most likely heard of. Join me as I explore some makeup that either hit the mark or missed the boat, for my wedding and beyond. 



1. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème – Slow Burn


One of my main concerns leading up to the wedding is, as trivial as this probably sounds to most people, what shade of lipstick I want to wear. It’s a serious struggle, guys. I’m not lying when I say I’ve purchased 7 different lip products in the last month (about $200-300 worth), solely to find the one I think is my “bridal” colour. So when this little guy (and I do mean little, it’s a trial size) rolled around, I was shocked at how close to perfect it was. 

November marks the first time I tried ANYTHING by Marc Jacobs. So, being that I’m of the go big or go home mentality, I wound up trying not one….not two….but FIVE products. This was the last of 5 and I was so so so happy with it. Mostly just the shade though, because of course it’s a cream lipstick so automatically I write it off as far as staying power goes. But the colour, Slow Burn, is a shade of nude that is darker (rosier) than most of the nude’s that I have. I wanted something that wasn't too orangey, and not too pinky – this one hit the nail on the head. 

This lippy is matte, and unlike a LARGE number of brides today I am leaning towards either a gloss or at the very least a satin finish. So if this one wins out on the big day, I will have to add the element of shine over top regardless. And before you ask, no I am not concerned about it transferring when I kiss my husband-to-be. He’s used to it by now. 

2. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon – Blacquer  


This was another one that came in the Sephora reward box that I cashed in on (along with the Lipstick), but I had actually tried it prior to this as well. It was the first product by Marc that I tested out, and it is to thank for me wanting to try everything that line has to offer. 

I L.O.V.E. this eyeliner. It’s dark as hell and applies soooo smoothly. If I’m quick enough, I am able to smoke it out perfectly without it losing it’s intensity. But once it sets, fuhgetabowdit! That guy doesn’t go anywhere. 

I rarely line my waterline, or the waterline of my clients, because physiologically speaking waterlines are not supposed to hold product. Their entire purpose is to stay moist and flush out debris, so when you line it and then it either fades and/or find that black gunky gross crap in the corner of your eye a couple of hours later? Ya, that’s why. HOWEVER….now that I’ve said that, I will backtrack slightly. There are ways to make it last longer. Number one, and the only one I’ll discuss right now, is using a REALLY good liner. Such as this! If I absolutely have to line a waterline, this is now the only one I will use. Not ruling out others that I haven’t tried yet, but of the ones I have tried – this is in first place. 

3. Smashbox Step-By-Step (ooo baaabyyyyy) Contour Kit – Light/Medium 


Ok, the oooo baaaabyyyyy part was my own addition. And now I have New Kids on the Block stuck in my head. Worth it though, because this has quickly become my new fav when it comes to contouring. 

For quite a while I’ve used the ABH contour palette, but the one shade I used most often was running painfully low. So I ordered this on a whim and I’m so happy I did. Legitimately have never found a contour shade look so perfect on my skin. I even use a bit of the bronzing shade to go along with my contour. If I didn’t already have an all-time-favourite highlight, I would likely use the highlight shade in this kit as well. 



1. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter – Opal


I’m LOLing right now because I feel like some of you may have fallen out of your chair when you saw that I will not be promoting this like pretty much every beauty influencer does. Not only did I not like this highlight, but I effing HATED it.  

I’ll take you back to the beginning, before I regrettably added it to my online shopping cart: I have wanted to try this for the last 2 or 3 years. Jaclyn Hill promoted it in the shade Champagne Pop, so that was originally what I wanted to try. I went to Sephora, knowing my mission, and being shot through the heart when they said they were sold out. Instead they recommend that I try Diorskin Nude Air Luminizing powder. A million dollars later, I bought it and loved it. Still love it. Probably always will love it. 

Fast forward 3 years: I had at some point heard Nikkie Tutorials refer to Opal as Champagne Pop’s less intense sister, so I figured that would be better for me and my brides. I fiiiinally got around to ordering it and was super stoked to test it out. Rather than experimenting on myself, I decided to test it out on a client.  

THANK GOD I KNEW THIS GIRL! The second I streaked this along her cheekbone, my jaw dropped and I instinctively said “Holy Sh*t”. My heart stopped for a second because this had essentially ruined the makeup in my mind. Luckily, that feeling only lasted a second before I remembered I could buff it out and go back to my Dior.  

This product was SO chalky looking on the skin it was insane. I am not at all used to seeing actual sparkles on a clients face when I apply highlight, so this came out of left field. 

All this being said, I am still willing to TRY Champagne Pop, but Opal is all set and ready to be returned….or burned. 

2. YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain – Rose Mix


This one was the 3rd of 3 lip products I ordered from YSL this month. And honestly, I could take or leave every single one of them.  I got the matte stain, the glossy stain and the cream vinyl stain. I’ll probably keep the matte stain and the gloss because I imagine one day a client might like them, maybe. But at least the cream stain is going back, mostly because I don’t feel like giving YSL over $100 for products that aren’t superb in any sense of the word.  

Again, I have to wonder if it’s just the shades I chose? The pinky/nude/subtle colours. But none of them wound up being great. And those colours are usually the easiest to get right soooo I’m not sure what’s going on with this one. But it’s a miss!  


3. Tarte – Light’s, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara


I am so torn over this one. I really really want to love it, and in some ways I actually do. Visually speaking, this mascara is bomb. It’s easy to apply without looking clumpy, and adds plenty of volume and length. I feel like this is the goal with any mascara that I try. 

Unfortunately, there are some negatives associated with it as well. The main one being that it dried out in under a month. Maybe it was a fluke and it only happened with mine, but I kid you not, within a month the formula had dried significantly. Not enough to stop using it if I had no other choice, but enough that it definitely changed how it applied.  

The next issue is that it bothers my eyes after only a couple of hours. I have pretty sensitive eyes when it comes to mascara for some reason, so the fact that it started to burn a bit isn’t uncommon for me. It’s the rate at which this occurred. Normally I won’t feel dry and slightly uncomfortable until the end of the day or night, but every time I wore this mascara I had about 3 hours max before that kicked in.